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Hunter Education

2018 California Hunter Education Schedule

The Livermore-Pleasanton Rod and Gun Club promotes responsible gun ownership and ethical hunting practices. Through our California Hunter Education classes, we strive to help develop safe knowledgeable hunters with a solid grounding in conservation, wildlife management, hunter ethics, and safe gun handling skills. Additionally students will receive a complete overview of a variety of hunting tools, including modern firearms, muzzleloaders, and archery.

Course Formats Offered to Meet Your Needs

The club offers both conventional and home study Hunter Education formats. Both require about the same level of commitment from the students, typically about 14 hours of focused study time between the classroom and home-study efforts.

The conventional classes are well suited for students that learn well in a classroom environment. Generally younger students and those with less firearms/hunting experience do well in this class.

There is approximately 12 hours of classroom instruction and some limited homework is required to be successful.

The home-study classes places more burden on the student to prepare. This format seems particularly well suited for adults and those with firearms/hunting experience. In order to take the class you must complete an internet pre-study prior to the class. The actual time spent in the classroom is 4 hours; however, the required internet pre-study course takes about 8 hours to complete, depending on current knowledge level.

All classes are taught by a team of volunteer Hunter Education instructors certified by the California Department of Fish and Game. Pre-registration for the course is required and the classes are held in the club’s training room.

In order to successfully complete the course, you will be required to complete a 100 question exam at the end of the class and score a grade of 80% or higher.

Upcoming Traditional Classes

These classes are ideal for children and those less experienced with firearms/hunting. Classes are held on Saturday and Sunday – students must attend both days. This distributed schedule breaks up the information and allows the student time to review the material. Students are required to attend all three class sessions.
This class is designed for students who are at least 11 years old to insure a reasonable chance at success. Parents are encouraged to attend the class sessions with their children. Parental participation is often key to the success of our younger students in these classes.

2018 Schedule for Traditional Classes

Hunter's Education - TRADITIONAL Classes

February10 - 11
March17 - 18
April21 - 22
May19 - 20
All day Saturday & Sunday. 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.
Students must attend both days.
*** Class is designed for age 11 and above. ***
Contact Lorrie Ambrosino - 925-447-6682


Hunter's Education - TRADITIONAL Classes

Friday, Saturday, & 1/2 day on Sunday
Students must all classes
*** Class is designed for age 11 and above. ***
Contact John Ridings - 925-784-0831


Classes are limited to 20 students.

Class Fee:

  • $15 “non-refundable” fee payable when registering for the class.

Registration Information:

  • Pre-registration is required. For information regarding the conventional Hunter Education classes or to register, call Lorrie Ambrosino at 925-447-6682.

Upcoming Home Study “On-Line” Classes

These classes are ideal for adult learners that are familiar with firearms/hunting. Home Study “On-Line” Classes are designed for students 16 years of age and older. Students must complete an internet pre-study in order to take this course.

An Internet pre-study certification is required to participate in this class. Recommended pre-study courses are available to select from below:

These pre-study providers do have an additional fee for the pre-certification testing.

Class Dates:

Two classes will be offered. Contact Garth Gelster at e-mail


Pre-registration and pre-payment required.
Registration will open from September 1 to October 16.