Livermore Pleasanton Rod & Gun Club Family friendly trap, rifle, pistol, and archery ranges 4000 Dagnino Rd Livermore, California, 94588 925 449 8780


Family Friendly Facilities
The Livermore-Pleasanton Rod & Gun Club is located in Livermore offering a full range of shooting activities. The club is located on 54 acres, and includes safe, modern rifle, pistol, archery and trap ranges. The clubhouse, outdoor BBQ, and recreation area creates a great family atmosphere. Firearms safety and training are taught through a variety of courses offered by the club. The club grounds are available for rental to individuals or local organizations.

First Time Range Use
Release Form If this will be your first time coming to our range, you will be asked to fill out a Release and Waiver of Liability and Indemnity Agreement for Firearm Use form at the range office prior to using of our ranges. To save you time, the Waiver Release Form is available on this website so you may download and fill it out before coming to LPRGC. Please bring the completed form to either the Rifle or Trap range office.

Please NOTE – – – Waiver forms filled out for a minor MUST be signed by a Parent or Legal Guardian ONLY.
Modern Ranges Provide a Safe Place to Shoot
Ranges are open to the club members, guests, and visitors. Visa/MasterCard are accepted at both range offices. Eye and ear protection is required for all shooters. Please note that the operating hours listed may be different for holidays and the ranges may close early due to inclement weather or dangerous conditions (e.g. lightning). It is recommended that you call before coming to the range if you have any doubts.

Voice-activated Trap Range
The trap range features ten voice-operated trap fields. Singles, doubles, and continental (wobble) are available. Trap field lighting provides fun night shooting on Tuesdays. The club conducts monthly club shoots from February through September. We also participate in the North Bay and South Bay Trap League shoots held in association with other Bay Area clubs.
The club hosts approximately ten Amateur Trap Association (ATA) and Pacific International Trap Association (PITA) competitions annually. These usually consist of one or two day programs. Occasionally, we host longer events, like the 5-day PITA State shoot.

Shells used on the trap range are limited to 3 dram equivalent loads, with no more than 1 1/8 ounces of shot. Shot size is limited to 7½, 8 or 9 shot only. All shotguns must be shoulder-mounted when shooting. The trap office offers both 12 and 20 gauge cartridges for sale. The club has no rental firearms.

Trap Speaker
Trap Range Hours

Saturday & Sunday
– 5 PM to 10 PM *
– 10 AM to 4 PM *
– 10 Am to 4 PM *

*The last squad will be sent out to shoot no later than 30 minutes prior to closing.
Trap Fees

Regular Trap

Non-Members $9.00 – – – Juniors (Under 18) $6.50
* Members $6.50 – – – Juniors (Under 18) $6.00

* Adult members may purchase Twenty Trap Coins for $120.
This is a substantial saving over non-member rates.

Bunker Trap

Non-Members $10.00 – – – Members $7.50 – – – Juniors (Under 18) $6.00

5 Stand

Non-Members – $7.50 Members – $6.50

Modern Rifle-Pistol and Archery Range
The rifle/pistol range offers a safe place to enjoy shooting your firearm and hone your marksmanship skills. The range offers 29 shooting stations with 25, 50, and 100 yard ranges at each station. We pride ourselves on a safe, friendly place to shoot.

Younger shooters require a parent or legal guardian to shoot depending on their age and firearm. *See bottom of page for more details. Additionally, .50 BMG, armor piercing, incendiary, or tracer ammunition are not permitted. Paper targets only. No exploding targets are permitted. Popular calibers of ammunition are available for sale at the rifle/pistol range office. The club has no rental firearms.

Rifle / Pistol Range Hours
Tuesday 2 to 9 PM
Wednesday 2 to 9 PM
Thursday 2 to 9 PM
Friday 2 to 9 PM
Sat/Sun 10 AM to 5 PM

Rifle/Pistol range shooting is $15 for non-members, $7 for members, $10 for ages 13 – 17, and $5 for ages 6 – 12. This fee covers the use of the range for a three-hour period. Ten-shoot cards are $60 for members. This is a substantial savings over non-member rates.

An intimate 3-station archery range is available for practicing that perfect shot placement. Fees are $8 for non-members, $4 for members and $5 for youth (under 18). No discounted shoot cards are available for the archery range.

A Wide Variety of Firearms Training Available
The gun club offers a variety of classes for the marksman, hunter, and casual shooter alike. NRA classes provide an opportunity for shooters to learn the key elements of shooting and safe gun handling. Classes include Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun, and Personal Protection. NRA-certified instructors teach these classes with concern for your success and safety. State-certified instructors offer Hunter Education classes throughout the year in both traditional and internet-based home-study formats.

The Scholastic Clays Target Program is a youth development program focused on providing young people a positive experience. They participate in a supervised shooting program that emphasizes safety and skill development in clay target shooting. The program focuses on teaching sound shooting fundamentals and instilling a safe and responsible attitude towards firearms.

Additional information about these training programs can be found at the range offices and this web site page.

Fun Club Events throughout the Year
The club sponsors a variety of events. The member’s newsletter contains announcements for events and event schedules. This information is also available through the club’s web site.

In May, the club holds its annual barbecue that is open to the public. The BBQ serves as our largest fundraiser. It features a barbecued steak dinner (actually lunch) with all the trimmings. Shooting competitions occur throughout the day for prizes. Entertainment for the kids is available. Additionally, we have a variety of items that are distributed through raffles or auctions. Proceeds benefit the club.

Merchandise shoots are held several times a year. The club holds “meat shoots” where the winner of the competition will receive a slab of bacon, ham, turkey or other meats, depending on the season. These competitions are often held prior to major holidays and anyone can enter these fun, quick shooting events. The club’s newsletter or website will have more information on upcoming events.

Your Membership is Encouraged
The advantages of membership are more than just financial. In addition to being able to shoot at a discount, members get a quarterly newsletter with all the latest news about the club. Not only does the club provide a great place to shoot but also provides an opportunity to socialize while building a stronger club and an even better place to shoot in the Bay Area.

Annual membership is available at $150 with a one-time initiation fee of $50. Clearly, it doesn’t take much shooting to save the cost of your membership fees and more. Life memberships are also available at $2,250. Club members and their immediate family (spouses, children under the age of 18, students under 21) can shoot at member rates when accompanied by the member, providing you even more savings. Guests of a member (outside the immediate family) can shoot as a guest one time under the member rate, when accompanied by the member. After that, guests must either join the club or shoot at non-member rates.

Everyone starts out as an associate member. Associate members have the same shooting privileges and access to the shooting facilities but are not allowed to vote or hold elected office within the club. After an associate member has been with the club for two years and satisfied the requirements as outlined by the club’s bylaws, the member can petition the board for regular membership. This level of membership allows you voting privileges and qualifies you to hold an elected office within the club.

To obtain an Associate Membership Application, contact one of the range offices or download it from the club’s web site HERE. The board of directors meets the third Monday of each month at 7 PM in the clubhouse. The meetings are open to club patrons, whether you are a member or not, and visitors are always welcome to attend.

Convenient Location for Easy Access
The club is easily accessible by most of the Bay Area. Located in the East Bay only a short distance from the 580-680 interchange, the Livermore-Pleasanton Rod & Gun Club is short drive away.

From Interstate 580:

Exit on the North Livermore Avenue Exit (Central Livermore)

Travel North on North Livermore Avenue for 2.6 miles to May School Road

Turn right on May School Road and travel East for 1.2 miles to
Dagnino Road and the club’s entrance.

Those traveling from the Central Valley can travel to the club using the North Vasco Road Exit. Map
Rifle/Pistol Range Shooting Rules for Adults with Minors
Livermore Pleasanton Rod and Gun Club has adopted the following age requirements and rules.

All shooters and Adult supervision must pay associated fees regardless of whether you are shooting or not.

One shooting bench will be assigned to one Adult with minor or minors.

Minors under 6 years of age are not allowed on range.

All Minors will be under direct supervision of a parent, grandparent or guardian the entire time that the Minor is using a firearm.
Minors are not allowed to roam the Range area without Adult supervision (no exceptions will be allowed).

Age for use of firearms listed next (no exceptions will be allowed).

  • 6 to 8 Years of Age
  • 8 to 10 Years of Age
  • 11 to 12 Years of Age
  • 13 to 17 Years of Age
  • 18 and older
  • – BB Rifle or Airsoft Only
  • – Rimfire Rifle Only (17hmr or 22)
  • – Rimfire or Centerfire Rifle
  • – Rifles or Handguns (see Note 1)
  • – No Restrictions

Note 1: Minor and Adult must be on same shooting station. One Adult can supervise no more than two shooting stations.

Adults with Minors are responsible for the actions of the minors on the range. Minors that are handling firearms unsupervised will be asked, along with the Adult to leave the range, no refund will be given.