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This post was updated on : 12/5/2016 to reflect changes at the range.

The Rifle-Pistol Ranges were closed on Monday 26th September 2016 for 5 days to complete major maintenance.

However, this was more than just maintenance. Major changes have been made to the main 29 lane rifle-pistol range.
These changes along with NEW RULES are designed to make the range safer and significantly reduce the chance that the LPRG rifle/pistol range will become another victim to the recent spate of range closures.

It is imperative that all shooters abide by the new rules and understand why they have been put in place.

29 Lane Rifle-Pistol Range

The berms have been removed and the only backstop is now the hillside at 100 yards. The new rules for target heights will ensure that all projectiles end up in the 100 yard backstop and do not ricochet off the ground.

The good news for rifle shooters wanting to sight in a new scope is that they can, once again, sight in at 25 yards. In fact the 35yd target stands have been removed.

Target stands are positioned at  25 yards,  50 yards  and 100 yards.
The 10 yd target stands have been removed and we will no longer allow the use of the portable stands on the 29 lane rifle-pistol range.

Pistol Only (11 Lane) Range

Originally built for a youth shooting  program, this 11 lane range has be retrofitted to meet the required safety guidelines so it can be used by the general public.

The range was first opened to general shooters in September 2016. It is open only for pistol shooting.


29 Lane Combination (Rifle-Pistol) Range

  1. The berms have been removed
  2. The target stands at 10 yards have been removed
  3. The target stands at 35 yards have been removed
  4. The minimum shooting distance is now 25 yards
  5. Portable target stands will no longer be allowed  on the 29 lane range
  6. Shooters will use
    • 5ft stands at 50yards and 100 yards
    • 7ft stands at 25 yards
    • This is being done so all bullets will hit the 100 yd berm (hillside ) and not deflect upwards
  7. Shooters MUST be SITTING to shoot rifles and pistols on the 29 lane rifle-pistol range
    • You can no longer stand and shoot on this range
  8. You can shoot ALL accepted calibers on the 29 lane range
    1. NO 50BMG!
    2. Black Powder is allowed**

**If you are shooting black powder please let a Range Safety Office know – there are additional rules pertaining to black powder usage.

11 Lane Pistol Only Range

  1. Currently there are target stands at 30 feet (10 yards) and  50 feet.
  2. On this range we allow all pistol calibers up to and including 45 caliber including magnum loads.
  3. No rifle cartridges or large handgun cartridges greater than 45 caliber are allowed.
    1. No 223, 5.7x28mm, 454 Casull, 460 or 50 caliber allowed.
  4. No black powder.
  5. You must be standing to shoot on the Pistol Only range.
    • This is required to comply with the ‘no-blue sky’ rule.


  1. When arriving at the range  LEAVE ALL FIREARMS and Equipment in the your vehicle until you have been assigned a shooting bench.
    • You will be asked to take any equipment back to your vehicle if you do not obey this rule.
  2. During busy periods there is a 2 hours maximum limit on bench time.
    • This is enforced if we have a long wait list.
  3.  There is a limit of TWO (2) firearms allowed on the shooting bench at any time. If you have more than two firearms please keep the additional firearms cased or on the rifle stands (unloaded, magazines removed, and with the action open)  until you wish to use them.
  4. Case and uncase all firearms on the green shooting bench only with the muzzle pointing down range. DO NOT uncase your firearms on the ground  or anywhere else. This is to eliminate any chance of you swiping another shooter with your muzzle!
    If you open a gun case and the firearm is not pointing down range  turn the case round until the muzzle is pointing down range before touching it.
  5. There is to be NO movement of firearms or equipment during a cease fire.
  6. LISTEN to all announcements and instructions given by the RSOs  – they are for your safety.

We know that…

Some of these new rules will not be to everyone’s liking but they are essential to ensure everyone’s safety and meet the requirements for operating the range.

Please be tolerant of the changes and new rules.

Also please be aware that in opening up the 12 lane range to the public has required an almost doubling in the number of Range Safety Officers required each day the range is open.

All but 2 of the RSOs are volunteers who give up their time so the ranges can be operated.
The RSOs are there to ensure everyone’s safety so before complaining too much please consider saying ‘thank you’ to those on duty instead.