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Online Waiver Release

Before using our ranges for the first time

In order to be permitted to use our ranges you need to have submitted a Release and Waiver of Liability and Indemnity Agreement for Firearm Use.

Before completing a Waiver Release form please make sure you have read and understand the Rules and Safety Information.

New Online Waiver Release Form

To save you time, we are offering you the opportunity to complete Waiver Release Form below.
Complete the form fully and submit it.
You will receive a copy by email and we ask that you print it out and bring it to the range.
You will be required to show your driver’s license, to  confirm identity, before being given your Waiver Card and getting access the ranges.

Please NOTE: Waiver forms filled out for a minor MUST be signed by a Parent or Legal Guardian ONLY. Also remember that the parent/guardian must be present and show their driver’s license in order to receive your waiver card.


Rules and Safety Information

  1. Everyone must check in at the front office on the respective range.
  2. A parent or guardian must accompany handgun shooters under the age of 21; rifle and shotgun shooters under the age of 18. Children on LPRGC property must be supervised at all times.
  3. When transporting firearms on or off the ranges, they shall be cased or have their actions open and pointed upward for the rifle pistol range; over the shoulder or downward for the shotgun range.
  4. Eye and ear protection is required for all spectators and shooters on both ranges, there will be no exceptions.
  5. The Range Master or Range Safety Officer shall enforce the range rules and range safety. Anyone found violating the range safety rules, handling of firearms in an unsafe manner or damaging LPR&GC property or equipment shall be asked to leave the grounds immediately without refund of range fees and may be subject to prosecution for said property damage.
  6. All shooters are required to exhibit good sportsmanship, safety, and common courtesy at all times. Spectators are required to remain behind the fence area on the Rifle Range or behind the sidewalk on the Trap Range.
  7. If you have any questions about your firearm, ammunition or any unsafe condition (jam, misfire, etc.) please contact the Range Master or any Range Safety Officer.
  8. You must be able to understand English because all commands are conveyed in English.
  9. No concealed or holstered firearms may be carried on either Range. No incendiary, tracer or other special ammunition is allowed on either Range.

Rifle / Pistol Range

  1. There is NO SMOKING east of the BLUE LINE, and the use of ALCOHLIC BEVERAGE is forbidden while on either range (archery, rifle, or pistol).
  2. During ceasefires or target checks, the range is closed to shooting or the handling of firearms, whether cased or uncased. All firearms shall be unloaded, placed on the bench with the action open, and muzzle pointed down range. Everyone on the firing line will stand behind the Yellow Cease Fire Line and shall not handle any firearms or benched equipment while shooters are downrange.
  3. No firing of any firearm is permitted in front of the shooting benches, except during a LPR&GC sanctioned, range master supervised event.
  4. Rapid fire (more than one round per second) is not permitted except during a LPR&GC sanctioned, range master supervised event.
  5. Only paper targets on designated target frames will be allowed.
  6. Only slugs and sabots are permitted in shotguns.


Trap Range

  1. No larger than 3 dram 7 1⁄2 number shot is allowed on Trap Range. No magnum shells are allowed period.
  2. No unauthorized personal are allowed in the TRAP PITS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Release and Waiver of Liability and Indemnity Agreement for Firearm Use