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FIVE - STAND (Closed Until Further Notice)

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Five – Stand is a shortened / smaller version of Sporting Clays. It consists of 5 stations (stands) with 5 targets shot from each station. Targets are thrown in a predetermined sequence as shown on the target release menu posted at each shooting station cage. Targets are usually thrown as a Single Target, Report Pair, and True Pair.

“Single Target” – The shooter may fire two shots to break the target.

“Report Pair” – Two targets are thrown, but not at the same time, as per the release menu for that station. The second target is thrown after a shot ( Report ) is fired at the first target.

“True Pair” – Two targets are thrown at the same time as shown on the release menu at that station.

When all shooters have completed their station the Scorekeeper will ask all shooters to make their gun SAFE (EMPTY). When this is completed the Scorekeeper will allow all shooters to move to the next station. This will continue until all shooters have completed all 5 stations.

It is suggested that shooters begin the round with more than 25 shells.

Range Information

5-Stand Range Hours:

Tuesday 5 pm to 10 PM
Wednesday CLOSED
Thursday CLOSED
Sat / Sun CLOSED

Five – Stand is ONLY available on Tuesday nights.
Come join us for Five – Stand under the lights, Great Fun!

Fees for Five-Stand range (per round) are:

  • $7.50 for non-members
  • $6.50 for members

VISA and MASTERCARD are accepted at the Trap Range.

If this will be your first time coming to our range, you will be asked to fill out a Release and Waiver of Liability and Indemnity Agreement for Firearm Use form at the range office prior to using of our ranges. To save you time, the Waiver Release Form is available here so you may download and fill it out before coming to LPRGC.

Please bring the completed form to either the Rifle or Trap range office.

Please NOTE: Waiver forms filled out for a minor MUST be signed by a Parent or Legal Guardian ONLY.

If you have questions about the Five Stand Range, please call us

(925) 449 3616

Trap Ranges – Safety Rules

Please watch this short video about the safety procedures on the Trap Ranges

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