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Waiver Release Form

Release and Waiver of Liability and Indemnity Agreement for Firearm Use form

If this will be your first time coming to our range, you will be asked to fill out a Release and Waiver of Liability and Indemnity Agreement for Firearm Use form at the range office prior to using of our ranges. To save you time, the Waiver Release Form is available here so you may download and fill it out before coming to LPRGC.

Please bring the completed form to either the Rifle or Trap range office.

Please NOTE: Waiver forms filled out for a minor MUST be signed by a Parent or Legal Guardian ONLY.

Basic Range Rules

Before you download and sign the Release form please familiarize yourself with the basic range rules.

Pistol / Rifle Range
  • Do NOT bring your firearms and range bag to the office when signing in.
    • Leave your firearms and equipment in your vehicle until you have been assigned a shooting  bench
  • Ear & eye protection is required during live firing.
  • Firearms should be transported in cases, or action open, pointed upwards.
  • All firearms should be uncased & cased on the shooting bench only, barrel pointed downrange.
    • If, when you open the gun case the firearm is pointing any direction other than  downrange DO NOT TOUCH IT – turn the case around until the firearm is pointed downrange before handling it.
  • During a Cease Fire (red strobe lights will flash):
    • a. Admittance into the range is ceased temporarily.
    • b. No firearms can be transported in or out of the facility, even if you are packed up and ready to leave. This a) protects the customers downrange from firearm handling and b) protects everyone from theft/picking up of wrong bags & equipment.
    • c. Everyone must stay behind the yellow line, do not approach the shooting bench. If you need anything, even your keys or a target: ASK THE RSO. We do not know if you’re reaching for a target or a gun.
  • No rapid fire or double taps, count one second (“one Mississippi!”) between each shot fired.
  • Targets:
    • a. 6 foot frames at 100, 50, 35, and 10 yards.
    • b. 4 foot frames at 25 yards.
    • c. Tape is posted on back wall.
  • Restrictions:
    • a. Slugs only at 30 yards, no buckshot or birdshot.
    • b. No 50 BMG caliber firearms.
  • Holstered firearms and concealed carry weapons are allowed for active duty law enforcement only. Must show current identification.
    • a. No drawing from holster.
    • b. No ‘carrying’ without proper law enforcement identification.

Lastly:  If you have a question, please ask an RSO or the Range Office

Trap Range

Coming Soon

Archery Range

Coming Soon

This will help to keep everyone on the range safe.