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A temporary fix has been made and the 100yd target on the rifle range, are again available.



As a result of the heavy rains this season, the Rifle Range experienced significant damage to the hillside which has taken out the 100 yard targets.

The hillside will need extensive repair not only to re-establish the 100 yard targets but to re-grade and reinforce the hillside.

The Club has completed the process of obtaining bids to repair the hillside and has selected a contractor to make the repairs. The contractor cannot begin the necessary repairs until the rain stops and the hillside has had ample time to drain and dry out. The contractor estimates that the repairs can begin sometime in June depending on the progress of the draining and drying. Unfortunately, we are at the mercy of Mother Nature.

As soon as possible, the club expects to make temporary repairs which will enable the 100 yard targets to be available.   That too, cannot begin until the rains stops and the ground dries out sufficiently to allow the equipment to safely operate.

Part of this process will involve the temporary closure of the range for an estimated 4 days. In addition, the Archery Range will temporarily be closed to accommodate storage of soil during this time.

We will keep you posted as the dates for these repairs and closures are scheduled.

In the meantime, we wait for the rain to stop.